Real Estate Hiring Pro

Revolutionizing the Real Estate Recruitment Process with one App, Real Estate Hiring Pro.

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Real Estate Hiring Pro puts an end to the two worst problems in real estate hiring and recruitment, attracting the wrong applicants and hiring the wrong candidates.

Real Estate Recruitment Traps

Time limited real estate agent managers and executives regularly fall into these traps:


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  • Poorly thought out or worded job advertisements
  • Over-emphasis on candidates’ performances at interview rather than suitability for the role
  • Lack of attention to objective personality profiling and other metrics
  • Over-dependence on candidates’ claims to successful sales and management records
  • Impatience to fill the vacancy quickly
  • Over-reliance on training to fill any gaps
  • Selection of candidates who reflect the principal’s own personality or style
  • Poaching staff from competitors in the hope they can replicate their success in the new culture

How Real Estate Hiring Pro works

Real Estate Hiring Pro lets Real Estate Principals (REPs) by-pass these traps and manage the whole staff search, selection and hiring process from their tablet device.


Check out what Real Estate Hiring Pro can do for you below!


Automate receiving, analyzing, and filing of resumes, all from the app saving you wasted time.


Choose interview templates specifically designed for various real estate jobs, or easily create your own templates within the app.


Design, formulate, arrange, and conduct interviews customized to your own businesses needs.


Identify, rate, and eliminate unsuitable candidates earlier in the selection process.


Administer  custom personality tests to create detailed profiles on your candidates, helping you better identify the kind of people you are interviewing. Personality tests are administered from Caliper, the leading corporate personality testing provider.


Analyze, and follow up on references, all from Real Estate Hiring Pro. Easily contact references your candidates provided you, cutting out unnecessary time spent on manually contacting references.


Interview your candidates by utilizing the ready made questions within the app, or easily create your own to cater to your businesses needs.

Real Estate Hiring Pro’s Key Benefits Give You

It removes the element of chance, guesswork and gut feel from the search and selection process. That gives real estate principals a boosted sense of security in their decisions.
The app is easy to use. You can choose one of 12 real estate job interview templates based on years of experience and data. You need only set it up once, then it’s yours for good, or to tweak when you like.
You can adapt the templates to your own business needs from REP’s extensive options, all based on proven real estate employment scenarios. You know you have a tool that fits your needs like a glove.
Real Estate Hiring Pro provides applicants with a personal link to your app which means they download their resumes and reference and contact details direct to your database. No more manual handling, printing and filing.
Data collection, analysis and processing is now just a click away, saving time, effort and money.
Simple choose-and-touch options let you set up your customised search and selection tool in minutes. You can then analyse applications, conduct interviews, set up personality profiling and follow up referees in a fraction of the time you now spend on recruitment.
Buying an app like this for your network would cost thousands of dollars in licence fees. As an app, you your first 30 days are free!  After than, enjoy low annual subscription rates from $20 (3 months), $30 (6 months) and $45 (12 months) to follow. Count that against the costs and consequences of a wrong hiring decision.

Say Goodbye Forever to Real Estate Recruitment Duds